Honey I’m home!

Am hiding in my love nest. I’ve only got today to have some ‘me’ time as I’m off to be cold and meditate outdoors tomorrow afternoon.

I am going to get tidied up. Put all my luggage etc away. Cook and play music, watch videos etc. Got my Bose plugged in. I made a short snippet of Foley running around too, to show how much better he is. He looks nice a new doggy. Going to put that here later.

I’ve finished my 4th book. I threw the others away. I keep doing it. I’ve an Agent in Ireland. I am not sure whether she is still alive, she may have given up, but anyway. It’s about the scribbling, not the end product. I am trying not to become distracted from my forthcoming cafe and of course my passion, setting up our new charity.

But, for today, it’s being a bit weird in my own space. It’s just something I have to do. I’ve been on some amazing adventures! The energy in the North is something completely different. I will be honest, it’s as though I’m two people. And … what is wrong with that I ask!?