‘Hold love Tight’ for it never stops leading the way by Tiffany Belle Harper

Those who embrace the gift of love will know it does not come easy.

For love has its hurdles, just like ‘nature’ it can be cruel with purpose.

Love can mislead us, leaving us dazed – confused and often baffled …

But it is Love that is greatest master and teacher.

Yes it is love that explores our own vulnerability and depth.


The biggest hurdles are with heart – yet our our most precious rewards.

So for the days we feel lost in love we are simply lost in ‘self.’

And it is love that helps us find our way again – let it in, for it’s yours!

Love is friendship, trust and clarity – all for the good of our inner growth.

Fnd harmony with the moon and the sun as they dance for our salvation.


A little thought shared above ** sips coffee zips up briefcase – finds old building to photograph **

Tiffany Belle Harper.

#Consciousness #love #poetry