Happy New Year Bloggers!

Last year was my biggest adventure. It seemed to last forever too. I learned so much about the world and ‘humanity.’ There are some beautiful people out there. A few years ago, I did not think anything could restore my trust in human nature, following a chain of incidents that are difficult to forget. In fact – they still continue but it is about putting our energy ahead of all that.

I love to write. Though, it is not my main activity, as I cannot bear sitting at home all day. I love to travel too and am a sucker for ‘community.’ But during these cold months we have to consider our safety on the roads. I travel with two tiny dogs. They matter. Evie feels the cold – she is still a puppy. It has been hard for me to see all the people I want to see over Christmas and the New Year. So, I have kept it tight … It’s been, well, ‘quirky’ and fun …

I do know, I have to get a book finished. It is not easy to write as it is about my journey and to do this I have to re-live parts that are uncomfortable. But I hope it will help others. Like everyone, I do have a ‘personal’ life too that is my own keeping. I learned that putting too much on the internet encourages those ‘two out there’ who already have a voice to use the material for their own purpose. A dreadful and horrid thing, but it does happen. Where positives are turned to negatives from an ivory tower – stuck in darkness. I must protect those I love who get pulled into it. It is just not fair.

I love to come here, to read blogs and chat with others who have their words and hobbies. WordPress keeps me sane. Less is More – I will be back in the Spring with more news! So a big Happy New Year.

Bye for Now! Tiff. X

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