gorgonzola & mushroom casarecce #GuestBlog

the wandering matilda

Given that my favourite food as a kid was nachos with soy sauce and melted cheese I am surprised at where I have ended up. I could say that I was just blessed with the perfect palate for tasting salt, sour and umami from the age of seven but it’s highly doubtful as my next favourite food was mashed potato with melted cheese (clearly healthy eating habits were engrained in me young, thanks mum).

There is one thing however my seven year old self knew for sure and that is that everything tastes better with cheese. Melted cheese. Aaaaaaaand you’re welcome.

Gorgonzola & Mushroom Casarecce Serves 4

IMG_20150910_095014 copy

Casarecce is hand rolled chewy pasta that holds sauce really well. If you can’t get your hands on casarecce, strozzapreti and pici are similar. For those wanting an extra challenge how bout making your own? My pici recipe here is super super easy and you don’t…

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