Good Luck to Samantha with her new project – really enjoyed giving you a Playlist. Tiff :)

Updated: Feb 13

Spotify Playlist

A friend’s asked me to help with a playlist for a new venue she’s hoping will eventually open. I think anyone away from e-commerce will be feeling the strain – I know I am itching to get all my ideas out there with my own. So anyway I thought I would share the music with you this evening. It’s good and mellow. I learned recently Jazz and mellow artists tend to use the right side of their brain when putting sounds together and this in turn is calming to listen to when things get tough. Will be adding in a while. If you are on Spotify you can add the songs to your own playlists. I tend to make then delete the lists when downloaded – so best to go to the artists links to save to your own library … will be adding list and creating as the eve goes on. Tiff. X

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