‘From Pure Heart’ By Amanda Popely

From the pure Heart

When we let go of the fear based emotions and thoughts that are stirring When we allow all judgments to just melt away Then we are able to move into our heart space of pure unconditional LOVE In this neutral place within us, we can then create harmony and a frequency that is so powerfully founded in ONE ness A place that allows us to send loving prayers and healing to others A space that is filled with a pure intension of Love A place that we are sending our heart felt messages of support to all who need our support To be in this space of neutrality and Love Move slowly into your heart space , Feeling into your heart……

Feel the Love that you are, know who you truly are,

breathe into your heart……feel the beating of your heartbeat……… and Feel it connecting to mother earth……. Feel the connecting heartbeats of yourself and Mother Earth, And allow your breath and the stillness of your breath to be so so calm and connect as one heartbeat ………..

Become aware of the stillness within you………., & the stillness around you ………….. Notice how everything has now become so much lighter ……

You are True pure beings of unbelievable LOVE,

You are LOVE We are LOVE

We are all CONNECTED We are all as ONE We are all LOVE