Flowers and Writing #diary

Here is where I chat about what I’m doing. It’s not a specific type blog offering any kind of special subject. It’s an open reflection of me and what I’m doing. I find it hugely therapeutic.

Felt fed up today as I’m tired and haven’t been writing as much. I love to write. I’m rubbish at fiction. My best penning is stuff that happened to me. The funny side of something sad – then, perhaps a happy memory. Or a poetical take on street art. I can really fall into my head when I’m left alone and I thrive in that ‘space.’ I worry about writing my book as lose confidence – want to find the strength to scribble as though nobody is watching. Sigh … deep stuff but amusing, also. (I am dyslexic too … nerves bring it on.)

Some flowers arrived today and it gave me such a lift. Women love flowers. I don’t expect thank you’s as I come from my heart and never give or help to receive – but when I get flowers everything falls into perspective. So, if you love someone don’t forget to pick a bunch of wildflowers or send a bouquet. They can be free or sent fancy. Either way, just do it. You could make someone ever so happy.

I buy my mates flowers and pick ones from the garden for my dad. I’ve got him a little bud vase and I try to keep it going with a handful of colourful wild things. It matters. Then, recently drove to Wales and the girls bought me a box of roses. Chuffed!

Today’s Bouquet – It’s Beautiful!


Going to show you some photographs of Wales next week …

Here’s Angel with her new buddy. She is getting happier by the day. Big blow for her losing Foley. I was so wrapped up in myself I forgot how it affected her. She never went a day without him. Hello tiny ‘Evie Blossom.’ She’s so like Foley in more ways than I could ever explain. It’s as though, he’s back!


I love Everyone – Even the Pathetic Folk. They need us most.

~Namaste~ Tiff. X