find me with teacups in a tree

I am trying to contribute toward this stunning weave of collective tapestry but I’m in awe of the arts and crafts circulating around the world – across all faiths and beliefs. It’s magical. So many true spirited people – telling their own stories in so many ways. So inspiring. It leaves me without any ambition. It’s here in the present moment. All we need is love and to see one another being happy and sharing.

All I want to do is hide away – nest – paint – dabble in words. Bake, dance and hug whole heartedly. I want to breath the spirit of Mother Nature in all her beauty. To look upon valleys and hear nothing but pure water running across stones that once formed the core of our crystal planet. I want to share. I want you eternally by my side. Be with me in this time as one. We are all so precious and perfect. We are all together. Isn’t it just so beautiful.

Kirkstall Abbey by Tiffany Belle Harper Photography