Few Days for my Heart by Tiffany Belle Harper

Want to spend a few days with my sons. They’ve held me up on so many occasions these last few years. Times beyond our control have not been easy for any of us. Yet being a single mum is cool. I get all the good times and the memories. The treasures – The keepsakes. I would not change a thing for the world. I love, love, love my boys unconditionally.

It is so unfortunate how poverty can tear families apart, yet it can also bring us so much closer. My mum didn’t speak with me for 10 years. All it did was divide us up at special times like xmas. So this year I want to have the fairytale.

That being the people I love most to be happy, totally blissful.

Family is everything and my heart is devoted to that love. It’s not how much time we make – it’s the quality. I really have not made enough room for the people in ‘my’ life that matter most due to my inability to focus. I have A.D.D. Attention defecit disorder.

I actually love it as I’m hugely spiritual. I get to daydream and do all types of creative things. There are others like me, just as magical. We are wacky, eccentric, quiet then loud but deeply sensitive. Misjudged. Often blamed for being frankly protective of what matters most … (wouldn’t have it any other way.)

We must never forget when our children are young that all that love given so unconditionally, comes back tenfold. My darling boys. My flame too, us. Oh to run away with you baby … x

Anyway … I helped out with a few tweets at Wetnose Animal Aid over the weekend, but you won’t find me there for the foreseeable future, due to my own goals and commitments that will need my full attention.

There’s new things on the horizon. I just know that great change is ahead. Variety is the spice of life.

Plus for 2016, I will be seeking a couple of new causes to get behind that as yet, have no voice or recognition. I tend to sneak in, help then scuttle off. I like it that way. The intimacy of charity is the only way to be real. To come from a place of love and give time with sincerity.

Our communities are little boxes full of treasure.

Wherever I am in life my loyalty will be with those who need help most with the people I love most to support me, as I them. And they know who they are. So there’s my boys and Mr Beautiful who I am so very proud of. For being patient, for trusting me as I him. For loving me so much. I feel it every day sweetheart. Mainstream media destroys all that could shine, promoting that which already does – in the most vulgar way. But we will change this. We will change this with love.

We should never stop our laughter – it’s what we’re best at – combined with love – we are one (little tear for you … )

And then some sweet-peas in a jar without its lid for my (sometimes v naughty) Angel  – you rock my world.

I think we’ve ‘always’ been best friends and anything else is the bonus. Small steps are infinite Mr Beautiful … x

sweet peas

To be continued …

Tiffany Belle Harper. x

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