Feel ‘Fed Up’ to be honest

I suppose some days we all feel fed up – but, gosh I think I’ve got the winter blues. I just can’t lift my spirits today. I’ve lost my confidence – unable to motivate myself, to such a degree, I am blogging about it! I usually try to be upbeat – but, I can’t at the moment. Even the sound of a door opening goes right through me. It’s ok for hedgehogs they can hibernate … (wish I could – I may practice though).

Nevermind …

The darker nights always make me withdraw – then, this weekend, we lose another hours light when the clocks go back or is it forward? (I can never work it out). November to March are months I’d rather just hide away … to write, read, take photographs. Life isn’t that simple sadly.

Yesterday was lovely. I took my nieces to the cinema to see the new Troll movie. It was sweet. I want to be one.

Here’s me in the eyes of Abi. Nice to feel loved. They do rock my heart. Such darlings.

Blimey, it’s 4pm where has time gone? I’ve been daydreaming … Going to play some music. Can also feel some weird adventures in the midst.


Tiff. X