February – contemplation – busy #diary

Well, it’s February already for 2017 – where does the time go. I’ve not been updating my blog as often as I’d like. It’s been really busy.

I’ve been trying to focus on a new work project that is scaring the hell out of me. Investing money and time comes with sacrifice and I have to be sure I am doing the right thing. However, sometimes we have to take blind leaps!

I do a lot of volunteer work in the ‘real’ world and will have to sacrifice ‘some’ of my time and freedom in order to schedule a new timetable. It’s all about change and embracing the new. Yet for many years now I’ve worked on the move. Writing, photography and making promotional films for business. It takes a lot of self discipline.

Yet my heart is with cooking and hosting small events, mingling. Working independently, moving around is a great way of life but it has not roots. I live between towns and cities in the UK.  I need to have something tangible in one place, then, the rest follows. It will also allow my friends to drop in and see me, have lunch, chat, laugh! And I am sure ‘cry’ at times.

I will be doing less online, the same in the community and more for myself over coming years – I feel. I’ve a few short courses to go on, also – related to the food industry. I was going to indulge in a street food franchise – but, to be honest, facing cold weather and early 6am starts is something I know I won’t enjoy. So yes, I am going for a small cafe that I will be buying shortly. I truly mean it when I say, you are all welcome.

I will be holding workshops and meetups for my groups and also organising retreat trips. I won’t be putting the location online as it’s not so safe doing that in this day and age. We are all entitled to privacy of such nature.

I am also setting up a small website for a cause I will be sharing with a group of friends that we will participate with in our spare time. To raise awareness and funds for the homeless and causes that care for the vulnerable. I will bring more news on that soon.

I am rubbish with phones, those who know me will be aware I don’t have one glued to me. They are a distraction but I can be contacted by email.

My doggy ‘Foley’ age 21 who was unwell is in really good health. He’s running around and still drags me up and down streets on his lead. He’s a miracle. I need to take some photographs soon. Thanks for all the healing – it worked, love works.

Yes, we have to remember love is everywhere. It is about focusing on the positive and finding goodness in those closest to us. Telling our friends and family how much we love them. Less is More.

The world seems like a bad place, but there’s just as much good. It’s a case of finding where we are most happy!

Most importantly – to not fear addressing injustice and hate mongering, to stand up to bullies and persecution – to also find clarity and balance – to not take darkness to bed as we sleep. Attention goes where energy flows – don’t get pulled in but equally don’t get pulled down. Ego is a killer. We have to remind ourselves that those that go out of their way to cause misery on a daily basis are ‘self’ harming.

Anyway, I have to go – my eldest son is here to take me and the dogs out for coffee and croissants in the park. (It’s almost 11am in England.) I don’t see him very often. He’s rebuilt a very old outbuilding in his space and I’m so proud of him. I’ve taken some photos. My youngest son has converted an old Victorian house to flats all by himself. Equally proud. Blessed. Love to my nieces Gracie and Abi, see you soon my darlings.


I do hope your week is going well.