Evie Blossom’s sister who lives in Warwickshire ‘Poppy’ #diary

Had a lovely surprise this morning. Janice who led me to find Evie sent me some photographs of her sister ‘Poppy.’ Can’t wait for Evie to see her sibling again!

Poppy, Evie’s Twin Sister!


Then … I’ve got a big rainbow tent alongside Karlyn to continue our (weekend) work in the UK. This photo does not do it justice. It will hold up to 10 people. It’s like a tee-pee inside! We’re going to get a wood-burner, chandelier, soft furnishings etc. It will be so beautiful.

The will of love is a beautiful thing! Love is the Answer. Never let anything hold you back. When we open our hearts the universe saves us. You are very welcome!

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