Elf Chat (hiding, alone, eating)

Sometimes I feel guilty when I worry people. I’m always ok. I worry because some of my friends do very important jobs and if I worry, they worry and I don’t want that to happen.

I just always feel sad at Christmas when I see all the goodwill. I feel sad because it should be like that all year round. Sometimes I just tell myself I need to take some time out and re-charge my batteries. Thank God for tea, cake, toast and marmalade plus dogs as slippers and being loved, of course. I love everyone just as much. Less is more, it really is and people who go chasing whims never find peace.

I know I’m lucky but I suppose we all get fed up sometimes. It’s been a tough year but filled with lovely things too. I know this will be my dog’s last Christmas so I just want to do things for those less fortunate and spend time being quiet. I am not even seeing my family. Next year will be much better for everyone.


Love is Everything.

T x