Dramatic day to incorporate salvaged vegetables a tooth eating cat and terrible #video

Went out for a big pub breakfast. Noticed delivery driver struggled in the car-park with a mass of mushrooms, onions, carrots and potatoes. Together with gallons of spilt milk. He’d opened the back of the lorry and whoever stacked it the night before hadn’t secured the crates. Subsequently when he opened the doors the entire lot crashed to the ground.

I ran over and got on with helping him – explaining, ‘I knew how he felt as when I did my former flat up in Warwick – I carried my cats down the stairs in a big cage, to take them back to Leeds in my truck. I fell down the stairs and dropped the cats. I’d not long had an operation on my jaw and my wound came open to the back of my head. But more worrying was … the cage door came open and my cats in their fear ran off. They’re house cats. They travel in a cage for their own protection and they love the car.’

I know it’s daft but sometimes I take them for a drive across The Yorkshire Dales and they do really enjoy looking out the window.

I cringe when I look at this video …. (years of pain, but no more.) Just two weeks later I was emptying my flat with 4 pets to manage. This was around 8 months ago. I didn’t want to keep any of the photographs after my accident. It’s too hard to re-live that part of my past.

My options, fall apart, get an ambulance or find the cats and compose myself before the new owner of the flat arrived for the keys. Fortunately a few moments in bewilderment – on starting the engine, both cats came to the car and we were fine. I got some Witch Hazel and cotton wool, plonking that on the back of my head. I remember this horrid orange stuff coming from my wound.

I called my surgeon. A lovely guy. ‘Mr Williams.’ We do lunch sometimes and he knows I don’t make a fuss. He agreed to meet me at Nuffield Hospital to see if I was OK to drive home? Sadly I wasn’t but with two cats and two dogs in the car I took a chance.

The cats live with my son but he was away – I had no plan B. I had to complete my flat sale on that specific day, bound contractually. I couldn’t stay with family as they’re not cat savvy. I wouldn’t expect anyone to take in me plus 4 fluffy ones.

By the time I’d stopped telling the driver, whilst both of us still re-filling trays with vegetables- he said I’d inspired him.

I was glad.

The owner of the pub came out and said he couldn’t use the vegetables that had fallen on the ground.

I told him that’s where they came from?

Surely he could wash them?

He said that health and safety regs wouldn’t allow it. So the driver had to go back to the depot without a delivery and a lorry full of salvaged food. I told him there were places I knew of that fed the hungry. He said that he couldn’t appear in the lorry as of trading standards.

After negotiation, I took the vegetables from him and gave them to the cafe myself. I explained they were fresh but had been on the floor. They washed the food carefully and volunteers have spent the day making casserole.

I gave the lad who drove the lorry this blog address and wanted to add the finale so he knows his morning was not wasted. I’ve added the video too to show you. I think we inspired each other today, actually.

Also I am going away on Sunday with my youngest son who has done something as a surprise. (It’s his birthday on the 10th.) So I won’t be back for a few days but am taking my camera, so on my return I can share my images and video with you.

Moving on … Do you believe in tooth fairies? If so please ask one to help! When I was very badly assaulted at the end of 2009. I also lost my left tooth at the side of my mouth. I have a wonderful dentist who made me a crown. He was so sweet to me. His name is Jatty Heur. Last night I bit into a pizza (not my favourite food either.) My crown came loose and I had toothache. During the night it came out so I put in a jar in hope Jatty could re-use it. Waking up, no tooth!? I noticed my cat playing with something on the floor by my bed. I believe he may have eaten my tooth? No way will I re-salvage if be the case. Be done with you cat litter! I am going away without a smile now …. gggggrrrr.

Never mind. I live to tell the tale. So many don’t. I hate violence. Both physical and mental abuse are not nice to be in receipt of.

Anyway I have to go now. I am making tomato and red pepper soup. It’s a beautiful recipe. I will add it here soon. So tasty and healthy. I love Heinz Tomato Soup but it’s full of salt and sugar, so tried to reconstruct my own and it tastes just like it!

Finally …Soon, I want to find new places and do more socially when in Leeds (to feel equal and not responsible) so am open to suggestions? I am thinking about setting up a more ‘social’ meetup group. A mixed group with a guest speaker each time? Few drinks, basket of bar food? I shall be in touch soon.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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