Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Pluto Analysis by Astro Collective (with thanks.)

Must thank this wonderful woman for taking the time to do my chart. It’s fascinating! Very grateful, for little ‘old’ me. Good stuff! You can find out more about this service by seeing the blog below. Fascinated …

Astro Collective

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

Wayne Dyer

Welcome to the Pluto analysis! I am still comparing the Natal & Draconic charts of Marc Bolan in this article, and hope that you will take the opportunity to investigate the placements in your own Natal/Draconic chart comparisons…


The Draconic chart denotes the soul’s inner callings in this lifetime, whilst also pointing to previous incarnations and traits. The Natal is the ‘you’ in this lifetime, what you are like on an outer level, to the world. Comparing the two may bring insights previously unseen, especially where the two charts ‘join’ by aspect.

On to the transformative Pluto, we see that in Marc Bolan’s chart, his Natal Pluto is conjunct the Draconic Neptune. A potent mix of two great planetary characters…how would this play out?

It goes without saying that Pluto comes with tremendous transformative, regenerative resolves, and in the Natal 8th…

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