doggy update – 10 teeth and fairy steps

Well doggy update. Foley is doing great. He’s hardly moaned. He is actually on pain killers and anti-biotics from the vet. Although we try to stay away from these – I do believe anything it takes will be necessary. He has had 10 teeth removed. Most of which are the large ones from the back of his mouth.


My poor boy had abscesses beneath them too. He must have been in agony. So I imagine he may be feeling a bit lighter for pain despite the holes in his mouth.

He has eaten chicken breast and is drinking loads of water. He looks really well and we’ve been out walking today too! My gosh! So, so far it’s onward and upwards.

I am hoping to see my new car today too. My former car is still stuck at Evans Halshaw and they are keeping my £700 also. This is the sort of corporate treatment we are expected to take on the nose. Well, sorry I am not taking this lying down but with my other commitments at the moment I am too focused to go into the negative and craft a scathing and truthful blog about my old car. Let’s just say if I’d of got on the motorway at Christmas I may not be here to tell the story. My car just froze up. The power steering and breaks locked. It was horrifically frightening. Fortunately I was with my son and I do have back-up, also. But … it’s the principle. The car is scrap!

However, I want to feel excited for a new car. I am very grateful I will have wheels soon and I cannot wait to go to the greengrocers etc.

Thanks to my friends for sending Foley healing. It’s been the windiest night I’ve ever known here in Yorkshire. Bins, plant pots flying everywhere. Going to just potter around for a couple of days until Foley has slept off his ordeal. I know he’s a dog but when you’ve been with a little thing daily whose never done any harm and always remained faithful – the least I can do is drop everything for him. A pet is for life. Love me, love the animals it’s all or nothing.

Finally, I must show you this staircase. My friend is an artist. It’s sort of like a magical beanstalk. Imagine hopping up those each night before bed. If anyone is interested in interior flair such as this – let me know and I can pass the message on when I see her.


Tiffany X.