Does the ‘wrong’ celebrity encourage online bullying? This and my latest ‘rather b

I’ve actually completed a little children’s book. I shall approach a couple of agents that are child-friendly. If to no avail I am going to self-publish and give some proceeds to smaller animal rescue causes. I’m also setting up a personal blog for my poetry, spiritual work and insights. Which originally this one was for but it also became a portal to keep in touch with the people I love, due to moving about with relocations and keeping up with family. As you may know, I don’t do android phones and emails bore me. So blogging is perfect. I do want my own niche though. To relax without relentless reprisal from outside interest of no worth to me. Blogging friends – I will send you a link to the blog when it’s done and I will let those of similar ilk know also. I have my sublime ways …

I had some Twitter accounts I’ve put on hold as I was disgusted by the way I was ‘attemptedly’ blackmailed’ to not tweet my free opinion. This is something I will be taking very seriously when I have more time. Money does not buy anyone the freedom to manipulate social media to their own advantage. I can be fierce. Be warned. You both know who you are. The difference being I’ve no reputation to withhold. I don’t give a shit. People judge me how they find me. True to myself. Always.

Twitter in particular encourages trolls – only if people who express their opinion through true identity are silenced. This is a very dangerous circumstance. No person should feel they are unable to come from their place of opinion, provided they wish no physical or emotional hardship. No wonder so many children feel helpless in today’s representation of social hierarchy. It’s a shambles. Setting up fake super fan accounts must be a tragic lifestyle. A desperate cry for fame.

The basis of any platform must be first one of sincerity. You can only buy so much … People are not as foolish as they seem. Unless you are a ‘yes’ person. Where you will act without integrity or intelligence on the instruction of another. Please – be careful who you follow. Make good of your head space. Let go of dogma. It will serve you no purpose. Don’t adore an alleged hero who probably wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Aspire to those who really are good at something other than self-funded PR. Don’t feed the flies.

I am going to enjoy myself for a few weeks now. Theatre, new beginnings, writing and photography. A long drive ahead.

I am also writing a piece about some of the men in the UK who inspire me. A short synopsis of each and why. Some known, others not. All admired. I believe men get a rough deal nowadays. And us girls need to show the good ones off.

Tiffany. X