#diary Car -Ladies Day and Nieces

I’ve had a lovely day. Firstly I held my monthly ladies group here in Leeds. (I’ve one in Warwickshire also.) I did have a schedule of things to discuss but we decided to just chat about whatever cropped up. The theme of things became cooking! Food is such a broad and uncomplicated subject. I actually find peace when I’m baking. Food really does taste better when it’s home cooked.

I do get sad when people do ‘ping’ food from the microwave. I always say, ‘if you’re going to eat – make it a feast of pleasure.’ There’s so much we can do with fruit and vegetables in way of juicing, casseroles and world cuisine. I also love fish dishes. I probably cook with sea-bass and salmon most. YUM! But I do create meat dishes for friends and family. I’m not precious about my own eating habits to such an extent I push them on others. I do endorse the natural food chain. Genuinely farm assured meat etc. And I admit to having a steak now and again as a treat. Probably half a dozen times a year.

I do have to watch myself though as I can become over zealous with cake and potatoes. I don’t believe in dieting as it’s a form of deprivation but I know there’s a balance between health and body mass. (Note to self: eat less, do more …)

I’ve got a new car! It’s been a tough bloody time since Christmas as I’ve received awful treatment from Evans Halshaw, to such a degree it’s too raw to write about at the moment. I will have to digest it. I know I’ve had back-up if needed but it’s the principle.

I’ve actually chosen a Nissan. My first ever car was one and I loved it! I’ve got all the extras I want. I’ve had an automatic, leather seats etc. I could have chose a make that had a more ‘sassy’ branding but it’s about quality not stigma. The reason in particular for a Nissan is the garage I’ve used are brilliant. I used to take my former vehicle there until they changed from Hyundai to Nissan which led me to go to Evans Halshaw for the repair on my truck. My new car has done less than 2K miles and because it’s not brand new it’s 5k cheaper. So, basically – I’ve all the modern specs free I suppose. Really bloody chuffed! I don’t do expensive very often but I admit to loving a reliable car. And of course, nice eateries. As for furniture/decor and clothes I love to revamp things myself.

I pick the car up at the end of the week and will have my wings once more! Then I’m off to Warwick and then London for a couple of days, to visit friends.

Also, I took my nieces to see Dick Whittington at The Hippodrome over Xmas and it was bloody amazing – if any of you happen to be in Birmingham and get the opportunity, go see it. Great cast and effects. Here’s a pic of the girls. Can’t wait to see them again. They’re growing up so quickly. Aunty Sue would be so very proud. Sure she’s watching over all of us. Just look at their little faces. I simply adore them and of course my sons, my darlings. All of them. My heart!

Finally, Foley was 21 at Xmas. Special hound! He has two teeth out tomorrow, bit nervous for him. The vet is charging £400 – shocking !! He’s never really done vets much but … it’s worth it. Now he’s getting older it will be more necessary I guess? I just think he is an amazing boy. I can’t imagine life without him.


Tiffany 🙂