Cycling #Amsterdam no road sense

Well, I’m having a blissful time in Amsterdam. A buzz of eclectic Europe – nobody knows where anyone else has come from til we talk and exchange what we can with the limited vocabulary. Me not having a second language. I feel so ignorant. But then a smile transmits openness.

I’ve hired a bike. Initially, I rang the bell to feel part of the cult – until I realised I was getting in everyone’s way.

It’s cold, windy so we’ve stopped off at many coffee shops which is where I’m at now having my 3rd cup of tea.

I’ve limited software and can’t add photographs til I arrive home. I’ve just got my little notebook chrome to find maps etc. Had I got android, things would be easier but then I’d probably be spending less time mingling with the beautiful people here.

We’re staying in a nice part of the city. The museum square. Today we’re going to find the food hall and get ideas for things I want to do in Leeds on my return.

I did tell my son visiting the red light quarter was a priority but he didn’t seem to agree? Probably because ‘already’ people think I’m his older woman and possibly on rent. He’s told me to call him ‘my son’ as loudly as possible. I don’t care. It’s all part of the journey. I don’t indulge in the industry but like to observe every aspect of culture without bias.

Last night I did join in with a little smoke – a healthy option of tobacco that is legal here in Amsterdam. A couple of puffs then somehow everyone seemed to morph into Rylan Clark? How odd? Even women began to look like him? I shan’t bother again but at least I showed I am adaptable. It was a great bar named The Bulldog. The founder created a healthy tobacco made from all fresh herbs. You can buy it online too!

This blog is very limited – I will be improving grammar and add content throughout the day. I suppose I’m just making notes really. I don’t have word doc so blogging is the best option for now.

Tiff. X