crimbo card of splendour

Here is my customary ‘annual’ crimbo card. I tend to thank the year on winter solstice. I love fairy lights and romantic movies. I hope for 2018 people are less violent towards one another and that includes being suggestive about violence as much as acting on violence. If you think like that, you need therapy. And try to remember the real world is not in your smart phone or any other man made device. I love my circle.

And for 2018. I have no plans to change a thing about myself. I am proud to be honest. To stand up to bullies. To fight for individual rights against all odds and support women in my groups. I will continue to work with animal rescue as a volunteer. As I have done all my life. Nothing will change. I have found myself. I am awake.

It is true. It is all in the journey, not the destination. Don’t envy me. Be like me. You can’t go wrong. TBH©


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