Coming Soon - Belleva - presented by Tiffany Belle Harper

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Nothing in life comes easy. There’s a price to pay for everything, albeit that in a literal or forsaking sense. I moved to Blackpool on my birthday, June 13th, 2018. And now three years later I have left that lease and am almost ready to open Belleva.

Belleva was meant to go through auction of October 2018, but I managed to secure a deal before it took place. Then followed a long-winded battle to complete the sale, which finally completed of March 2019. Belleva (located at 30 St Chad's Road Blackpool FY1 6BP) used to named Sovereign House, then changed 'by me' to The Nester Hotel but due to trademark problems that could have been problematic in the future, (where a hotel chain exists with a similar name) we thought it better to give the hotel a new and original name.

The only one myself and Natasha from Trademark Eagle could find to be free of other abbreviations was ‘Belleva’ which is a blog I set up for aspiring artists moons ago. So, The Nester became Belleva.

It’s been a tough journey. Due to working at the leasehold bed and breakfast on St Chad’s Road, I was not able to always be around at Belleva. The biggest problem being the stealing. It seems to have followed me around Blackpool. Tools, soft furnishings, even wallpaper have been stolen. It made me fall out of love with the project. A sense of abuse and betrayal. But we must remind ourselves such acts of disregard are at the hands of the perpetrators, and if they sit well with taking what others work hard for, fine. It’s not however, my bag. So, shame on those who took their pay and my stuff too.

That said most things have ran as expected. Apart from the fact I change my mind a lot (in terms of my creativity.) So, over a period of two years (plus a few months) it’s been a great learning curve. And let’s not forget lockdown which is a big chunk of this history. A time of great upheaval for most of us. My youngest son was unwell and he has been a rock for his mum. He pulled through it, but for a while I lost my own will to live with the heartbreak. I love my kids.

Belleva was an 11- bedroom guest house, now reduced to 7 rooms over four floors with a lounge/dining area and small front terrace. All rooms/suites have luxurious bathrooms, three of which have baths and all rooms have cutting edge technology. When I got the keys to the place I had not actually viewed it from the inside. So as you can imagine, it was quite a buzz. The house was so abandoned. My flat at the back of the property had daylight coming through the walls and ceilings - it had been 'part' condemned by the council. But as soon as I got inside of Belleva House, the energy and atmosphere hit me like a bolt of happiness where I soon got to work putting crystals beneath the floors - most remain (thieving hands or intention - hey. ho. It's your crime says time.)

Belleva is a place of real soul and passion. It won’t always run smoothly but everything happens for a reason. You get what you can deal with and that is the best in your intentions - to be shown what we need to advance both karmically and 'actually'. Life’s a lesson we must learn well. The world has some hurdles but that’s why it’s not flat - we need mountains and rough terrain. Unlike the higher dimension guiding us alongside this experience. So with middle earth, our real time land and the flat invisible realms, we get there in the end - we complete and we thrive. It's true, those who don't see magic will never experience it. I think that's sad for them.

During all this I set up South Shore Company to keep myself mentally and spiritually connected during lockdown. It's a lovely project that I want to hang on to. It's within Belleva and a part of our journey as one.

I tribute this journey to my Dad. Thank you for being onboard, from the sky. Let's get on with this.

Tiffany Belle Harper at Belleva