Updated: May 4, 2021

It is a brave thing for any person addicted to their own ‘fame’ to fly a flag of sponsorship for selling their vegan bullshit by using animal causes if they.

  1. Have Botox

  2. Drink booze that is not totally vegan

  3. Die their hair with nasty chemicals

  4. Rely on aeroplanes

  5. Hoard money

  6. Spend to be heard

  7. Steal ideas without kudos back

  8. Push body image

All ‘cruelty’ is indeed ‘abuse’. Less is More. And each to their own without fear of reprisal and nastiness. Be your own island and if you cannot come from a good place then work on yourself. ‘Vegan’ is a dangerous statement if you are not ‘truly’ authentic. I am not vegan. I am a conscious animal lover. And I have no intention of telling people who pay to go on holiday. People who work hard for their money, what they can and cannot eat. Instead we offer choice. I see cosmetics as a luxury, therefore not necessary to endorse suffering in the process. I eat meat in moderation that is sustainable but all these things are my own private world. It’s not right to alienate people with bully boy tactics. Everyone wants to feel inclusive in some way. This lock down has really shown true colours that will not be forgotten. Don’t forget to see the real world today. As otherwise we can be eaten alive by negativity.