Belleva House Family and Frozen

Happy New to ALL from Belleva House. A new space for 2021. I want to say a particular thank you to my family for putting up with me. It has been a big transition for us all. It is not how often we meet but that our hearts are never apart. The worry I have put you through. I know I am never alone and watched over. I love my family. We are all different and crafting on so many levels. We are one. And our home is your home. Now a bit about my frozen thoughts ...

Just done an Iceland Shop. I am an advocate of sustainability with the food chain and have my own views. I believe frozen fruit and veg is fantastic. I don't really do processed food on a grand scale as I like to hot pot. But frozen veg is so easy. Apparently, there's often more goodness when fruit and veg are prepped and frozen. It can seal in the nutrients that evaporate quickly in a fridge or room temperature, not to mention an extended life due to being frozen with freshness.

In particular I have enjoyed baking with frozen garlic, and chopped onions. Further delighted to discover frozen lemon slices. There must be heaps of lemons in one bag, so in turn this works out cheaper. In an ideal world we could grow our own fresh produce. It's not like we don't have the time right now! However, much of our fruit and veg is imported, as each country has their own speciality of 'naturals' due to the climate and seasons.

I have been asked about my crock pot. Well it's a 'crock' pot with a non stick big pan inside. You plug it in and it can fast fry, slow cook or pressure cook. You can even make yoghurt with it. It's all I need to bake really. I got it online and it was about £90. Worth every penny.

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