Begging the Question – Spike! #GuestBlog by a genius.

Sherwyn Jellico - Author

Here’s another poem from my forthcoming book, Begging the Question, which has over 140 poems about OCD and depression, as well as additional sections discussing these disorders and my experience with them.

This poem is about an OCD spike, which is another word for a trigger. This is when someone with OCD encounters something in their every day life which gives rise to feelings of unacceptable doubt regarding one of their obsessions. They’re instantly catapulted into a state of intolerable anxiety. They just want the world to stop until they can successfully perform the necessary compulsion to neutralise the spike. But the world doesn’t stop, so this can be a tricky business.

An example of a spike would be someone with a morbid fear of battery acid seeing an unusual stain on the patch of road they’re about to drive through, and worrying their car’s contaminated. Or someone…

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