Be Real – Be Yourself the rest follows #Politics #Lies #FemaleEgo

Have a good week all. Stand in your power. Don’t give in to expectations where you tweak your true ‘self’ to please others. You don’t have to do that. Be honest – guided by love and know tonight you will sleep without conscience.

We’re not here to mislead others, tell lies or use false dogma to gain medals and rewards. To give ultimatums laced with self indulgent tactics. It achieves absolutely nothing. Keep it real – simple. Less is More.

Want to let off steam about Theresa May – UK Prime Minister but what’s the point blowing on a situation based on utter lies. I’ll bide my time. Women need to protect one another not hide behind male ego to shine in the most plastic of fashion. Disgusts me.

Women and men should support one another with proportionate compassion not use the feminine ‘gift of life’ as glove puppet format. She’s heading the UK for disaster. STAND UP! Calls herself a Christian. No SHE IS NOT! All these lies are a disgrace. How can anyone vote for something that is not the truth? I do not understand this.

She is right ‘politics is not a game.’ Perhaps she needs to put on some casual clothes and sit on the floor in an un-staged situation with the homeless men and women addicted to Spice just to get through the fear of today. To walk alone without her entourage of bullshit and fancy clothes. Shame on her.

Everything she says is written by her speech master – probably on a hefty salary. She can’t speak from her heart about us people because she has no idea what we go through. None of us. Particularly parents. No amount of money can create the truth. Mainstream Media is based on what they want us to see and believe. Use your own instincts to guide you.

Tiffany. X

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