Be Awake – It’s Time for Change by Tiffany Belle Harper

Those who see the change are people of all calibre. Personal finance has nothing to do with the inevitable. All walks of life are awakening to the call of nature and what it is we are meant to do as individuals to meet as ‘one.’ To hold hands, touch, hug, smile. ‘Connect in reality.’ To slow down enough that we can pick up a white feather or a copper penny. Find magic. Awaken our child within.

Make a wish… you’re ready. Be a wish, you can…

We are guided by our own instincts and that of love. Find the quiet people, listen to them. They may speak more wisely than the loudest mouths.

For around us we will see cheats and fakes that become more vivid than ever. Guised as internet heroes and advocates. Brought together with a combination of greed, ego and obsessive/irrational – maniacal behaviour.

People who sit in their darkened rooms, claiming to be super Gods are telling you there Is no other than them to worship. Social mediation from the comfort of their ‘John Lewis’ sofas as the wine flows amidst remote controls and brain dead sitcoms. A goal to succeed in telling you how to win their journey on the road to nowhere.

Interesting  times… Testing circumstances. When ‘really’ it is simple. Stop, turn, walk towards salvation with what you know already. Teach as you learn along your way. Your truth will guide you well.

Pray, meditate and  do whatever you wish to unburden your thoughts that are just traffic embedded, by false pretence and applaudable motives from the social heir-achy of dimwits.

There are no trophies. They are ‘man made’ tacky objects that end up at junk yards.  Better recycled to make keys to doors for the poor.

Social Media is about engagement ‘not’ popularity. Be your inner expression. For YOU are great – Step outside. See  your land, for it’s all yours!

Don’t be led by supermen that have faked their way to the top.  You don’t need an olive branch… for you are a tree. Sit on your roots and channel your own true persona, regardless of bias and mainstream forsakes that will serve you no purpose but to line the pockets of those who do nothing – other than talk. Lending their voice for their own appraisal.

For it is action that speaks louder than words. To be present amidst the people.

Be your vision, your sanctuary and refuge within a community that can be inspired by your good projection of clarity and truth. Set up groups for the like minded. Cut up comics, glue things together, upcycle clothes and furniture. Press leaves in books. Learn to dance like a Goddess. Your crafts are gifts to use and share.

Campaign for your passions on your pavements, not in your heads. Be inspired by those that teach that you are the rebellion of all that is love from within.

It is time for change.

The purest are ‘us’, the ordinary folk. Therefore, have extraordinary belief in your ‘self.’ You are your past. It has made you what you are today. There are no sinners who redeem their hatred and turn to love in it’s place.  For, it’s wisdom that makes us grow with abundance.

We as a race do not need rewards or masses. We need intimacy and trust. Collaboration from our ancestry genetics combined with spiritual elevation.

We need family, unconditional love, fresh food and clean water. A safe place to sleep and the ability to trust the universe for all that could be better.

We want animals to be safe with our presence on earth. For we too are nothing more than this. Leave your seats today – touch fur with your soul. Nurture feathers and swim alongside fins in their ocean. Hold animal rights in your heart, for we are all of the same force. @tiffanybharper


Avoid focus to those who are revelling in self-gratitude. For they will return carrying their burden as a snail with a shell made of lead. The ignorant glory seekers of today will eventually perish where only the enlightened reincarnate with the gift of The Divine.

Draw, paint, write, craft. Your personal expression is your blue print. Focus on ‘self’ and your favourite past times. Music and colour is your tool to open the soul. You are great!

Find nature with a notebook. Sketch flowers or make a song.  Oh how you shine…

Aspire only to heroes who serve you and your consciousness from a place of love.

We are all leaving our footprints. Be good to your ‘self.’ Be creative, be a voice. Do not fear all aspects of light and darkness – for combined, they are the sun and moon, dispersing the rawness of energy within you. Be purposeful, be united with compassion and a love of ‘self.’ Love is Everything.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

Header Photography by Tiffany Belle Harper Photography 

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