Awaiting The Spring – Memory Lane #Video

Here’s a video of me talking intimately with a friend about my passions and interests during 2015. Lots has happened since this. I will be doing more online during the spring … my favourite season.

March in particular – a beautiful month!

I’ve been on the most amazing journey and I’m tying all of those loose strings together to ice my cake of progress … I’ve managed to stay on track, ah!

I made an inner pact with myself that by Christmas of 2015 I would be certain in which direction I was heading. To be honest, I already knew but wanted to ensure that my instincts were right. Nothing’s changed. I am so very determined to tweak the future for the benefit of clarity, love and infinite progress.

I will be continuing my spiritual work on a part time basis to include more workshops in a ‘new’ region away from Yorkshire but I shall still be returning to Leeds when I am able.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

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