attraction #love

Whilst my preference is toward men – are any of us ‘really’ in a position to determine who anyone chooses to love? Love is LOVE! What are we doing?!

Are we telling our children love is rude and awkward. No wonder there’s so many people stuck in stagnant relationships or worse still ‘lonely and depressed’ due to mainstream social pressure! It disgusts me to the stomach. What is happening to ‘so called’ humane issues? I sincerely believe it’s the third dimensional trail impeding our detriment. Holding us back, the controllers! Creating ‘fake’ fear scenarios to conform us, just because they’re not happy in their own bones. I feel so strongly about this!

There’s people creating groups to attack those with indifferent religious values, what they wear, what they read. Can they not focus on their own business and let freedom of living be!


#gender #mixedgender #transexual