Angels and Books #diary for little darlings #brave #special #loved

Bit of a day off today. Just done a little online book shop for some very special young ladies who have been through so much – yet, never fail to inspire with their courage. They say I helped heal them … I truly didn’t. I just told them how magnificent they are. Of course, I cannot and would not mention their names or location (nor mine) as they are safe now in loving arms. But they will know who they are. I can’t wait to see them this week.

I’ve bought a book on pregnancy for one of the little Angels. She’s going to be a young Mummy. A book on becoming a scientist for another who is simply amazing and for the third little girl I’ve got a book called ‘The Secret Garden’ for when she is quiet – hiding behind her hair … then, hopefully for some of the time –  I will know where her mind may take her. These are brave, courageous young women who are already bigger and better than I could ever be – helped now by the care they’ve around them, on, a daily basis. The real light on Earth are those who walk quietly. They are our future – where love lives.


And for me I’ve got some ‘Vervain’ Bach Flower Remedy that’s so fabulous and about to source some Black Tourmaline.

I wish everyone a week of true core self value, inward contemplation and outward, sincere truth.

Thank You … Tiff. X

I tribute this blog to the Angels and those who lead them to us all.