Angel #GuestBlog by One of my Dearest Friends

Such a beautiful memoir of how one of my very closest friends Romana became an animal advocate. I would do anything for this woman.

Romana Bhatti

My journey towards Todd’s Welfare Society is not one that I planned or even ever thought about.  A dog by the name of Angel is the reason that today I am part of this wonderful organisation and even though I have never met Angel or am ever likely to do so, I am eternally grateful to Angel for she has truly changed my life.

Sitting on YouTube one evening a particular video caught my eye and that was of Angel, a dog that had been deliberately starved.  As I watched her recovery the pain and guilt that I felt had no bounds.  This was a dog that had been starved by a foster carer who had ample of food stock in the house.  The wonderful rescue team ‘Rescue from the Hart’ helped Angel to recover and I am pleased to say that today Angel is healthy and in a loving forever home.


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