An ‘Open Book of Reality’ and Consciousness by Tiffany Belle Harper.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. An open book. Not always easy as that way you leave yourself vulnerable. People will know your strengths and weaknesses. But should we allow those who’ve not our best interests at heart to silence our truth?

I suppose frankness would be detrimental in a battle type environment. But then do people who tell the truth ever go in to battle? What would the world be like if we were all honest with not only our ‘self’ but those who loved us most?

Secrecy and privacy should not be confused when the innocent are left bemused.  This is where mental cruelty can arise from. A misplacement of trust. Double standards. A web of pre-meditated illusion to gain best of both worlds for self gain or gratification.

You may have noticed I’ve set up a website named BellEvaUK. I don’t quite know where it’s going for now.  But I am really enjoying the journey.  However, I am moving house and when I go online I get behind with ‘real’ life. Yet it’s hard not to ignore such talent and friendship amongst people who contact me.  Less is more, I like ‘small’ intimate. This is indeed ‘community.’

I hate earning money. It turns compassion to a commitment. But I have searched for a long while now to find peace in my work. With my location being transitional I have put my workshops on hold. I have lived between my family in Warwick and Leeds. Not because they expect this of me. But more ‘me’ looking for a place of belonging. When really all I need is to love wherever it is I am. I suppose a few years of struggling (for which many have suffered worst). Has made me feel almost guilty to have that sense of settlement. We are creatures of habit and sometimes just need time to tell ‘our inner self’ that the hardship is over and it’s ok to smile, move on and live well.

Living well being to be fair and honest to those around us that wish the best in terms of happiness and well-being. To be humble with no desire for material glory or branding. To remain honest in our delivery of where we are at. So that others can attach to our genuine predicament and not a falsade of deceit and hope. Reading between the lines, relying only on conscious guidance.

Reality is a collective of demonstration  with true intent and the ‘chi’ that works with all combined – mind, body, soul. One cannot be without the other.

When we try  to separate universal energy from reality, we become secluded and withdrawn. There has to be balance. Whether that be nature, groups or interests.

Thanks for emails and for showing me your work. It’s very inspiring. Communication comes in many forms. Be kind to those who don’t always understand you. We must never give up exploring our creative flow. And to cherish those that know you and honour all that love you.  For love is everything.

I’m driving again, this time to seclusion for a few days or so with my dogs. I shall work on my grounding with nature and focus, for the future. This journey is well and truly over and I am ready for the next. To integrate my consciousness with structure and foundation.

Sorry the above may sound a bit intense. But that’s the beauty of blogging, it’s our own individual diary. Our blue print. Hope you’re all good. Sending love …


Tiffany Belle Harper.

#Consciousness #holistic #spirituality

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