A Thought about Divorce then a hug

When my children were quite young I became divorced. I didn’t dig for pennies. I wanted something fair so that we could stay in touch with a degree of respect for one another. I did go on to regret it when he remarried – then his wife cut us all off. I was a fool. I struggled with three jobs and no emotional or financial support. Those years were the toughest part of my life.

I suppose my biggest disappointment was losing a friend. I trusted their Father. He tore that trust to pieces. It broke my heart … Not to mention the rejection I felt for my children on their behalf. If I could go back I would do it all differently. I would have had a document drawn up to say he would remain a part of their lives.

However – I have no respect for people who marry for money – get divorced and expect to receive huge payouts for another persons hard work – particularly, when there’s no children involved.

There doesn’t seem to be a fair law to protect both parties and it must hurt when love is abandoned and replaced with greed. It’s likely we’ve all got a friend somewhere who needs a hug. No matter how privileged and right their circumstances may seem.

There are times in our lives when we forget to ask for help. So, I am writing this post to send a hug if anyone needs one. Things do get better. You have to believe in magic …


Tiffany x