A New Journey for my dad

Just wanted to record this on my blog. My dad is 80 this year and today he retired. He has sold his business. I have never known my dad as anything other than a dedicated, hard working person. Last year he lost his best friend and his plans were to spend more time in the garden with George.

My dad must feel so strange today. His hub of responsibility is no longer there. But I am glad he no longer has the burden of managing staff and taking care of everything. It doesn’t make it easy for him though. Today he is going in to work for the last time to say goodbye to his staff. I know it will break his heart.

My wish for my dad is to enjoy a few years of time for ‘him’. To have some nice breaks in the countryside with Mum. To keep his mind stimulated. To be proud of what he has accomplished.

In all my years I’ve never heard my dad complain or swear. Even after major heart surgery he got up and went to work 2 weeks later having been told to take 6 months out. He is full of self motivation. He puts me to shame. I am not a spot on his accomplishments. I sometimes wish I had more to show him of what I can do in a business way, but alas, I am always daydreaming. I suppose though, If I had a coin for every animal I’ve helped save I’d be living in a castle.

I am really proud of my dad.

Tiffany X.

By the way, the photo above I took in a park where someone decided to randomly paint a tree stump, isn’t it lovely! If you right click on it, you can save it. The colours are great to meditate to or use with a mantra. Anyway time to get my dog to the groomers. He is now 21. Still well, a miracle.