A little magical story about Cat Mint #Herbs #EarthSpirit

Yesterday I found a mint bush hidden away by the pond in the garden. George who helped with the garden died last year. It broke our hearts.


I picked some of the mint to put in drinks and left it in a glass of water over night. This morning it had perked up. As you will know when we pick something it starts to wither straight away. Water maintains all life.


I spoke about the mint and was told it smelt like cat mint. I googled then found a WordPress blog about the mint as I wanted to first ensure cat mint was edible. The blog I discovered opened with my favourite saying, ‘Less is More.’ Little synchronisations like this are the reason I am in love with nature. Click the Image below of mine to go to the blog I discovered by The Greening Spirit.


I’m rubbish with names and often I take photographs of flowers and trees that aren’t particularly good quality. Yet – it’s the journey that counts. But … every photo has a memory for me – value – a blue-print.

Each day I could write such tales – but then there would be less magic as reflection takes time that can often be better spent channelling our life purpose. Yet, we do have to make effort to share (I tell myself …) It’s good to keep a portal of communication. I do enjoy blogging. Less is More!

~Namaste~ I love You All – Tiffy. X

With Kudos to The Greening Spirit.

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