A Fluffy Tiding I bring! #Peace to All #Video Love is Everything – Happy New Year!

Everything will be OK. Listen, for those of us who work with ‘love’ we must try to keep our faith for it is imperative to be guided only by love. I’ve had a difficult couple of days processing 2016. I felt afraid to let go of it, as there are loved ones left behind. But really I know they are vibrant. Love never dies. We have to stand together in love. To see goodness all around us.

I can’t help sounding ‘deep’ at the moment. It’s all part of making preparation for new growth. To focus on the positive and inspiring aspects of what we have around us and not being fooled by capitalistic bravado and games that are hidden in thorns of destruction.

For those that appear the most glorious need our help most. The fake walls of power are tumbling down where consciousness is prevailing on high levels of vibrancy. Truly, there are magnificent things ahead. We are uniting in recreational activity. Sharing, giving, nurturing and taking care of the less fortunate.

This life is for our children – for the animal kingdom and nature. So wouldn’t it be wonderful to make it special, for them. I know many parents will be worrying for the future. Yet, I can remember when my sons’ were born, I worried then and that was a long while ago. There’s always worry. It’s a natural mechanism to worry. That’s what parents do. Come on – let’s all see fun and laughter!

So I hope you will join me in celebrating a New Year – I love everyone. Love is Everything!

Thank you …

Tiffany X.