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belleva at blackpool

Belleva is located on St Chads Road (a one-way street) in the heart of Blackpool which can be accessed from Lytham Road. We believe in public transport for longer journeys, to save our carbon footprint from further damage. Aeroplanes are out of date. We need to discover better and more sophisticated air flight. 

Belleva is a few minutes’ walk from Bloomfield Road Stadium. The stadium also has plenty of public parking (pay and display). Two other (smaller) monitored car parks can be found next to St Cuthbert's Church on Lytham Road and the street running parallel next to ours 'Crystal Road.' Belleva does not have private parking.

South Shore train station is a 15-minute walk (about 3 minutes in a taxi) North Shore train station is a 35-minute walk (about 5 to 7 minutes in a taxi). We recommend two great taxi firms. The first is Premier Taxis who now have 100% electric vehicles and C Cabs who are also reliable.

If you are lucky you may get free on street parking or there is Gary's Cash for Cars at the top of our street that offers CCTV monitored parking too which is hugely convenient.

St Chads Road





Premier Taxi T: 01253 401000

C Cabs T: 01253 292929

Belleva can be accessed directly via Lytham Road (see Google Maps at footer of page). There is a small but very well-equipped general store on Lytham Road (at the top of St Chads) named The Gazette that is open from 7am til 11pm. Also, lots of local cafes and curio shops are within very close vicinity to include one of England’s oldest Shell Shops (The Shell Shop). There's also pop up market traders that are well ... interesting. Blackpool does have everything ...

South Beach is about 300 yards away and boasts the most magnificent sunsets between the South and Central Piers. A sandy beach over looking the rugged Irish Sea. Ideal for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Perfect for couples to lose time with the ambience ... We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep. 

We have a tram stop at the bottom of our street (on the prom) named St Chads which runs regularly (there’s a timetable at the stop.) A day pass will take you from Starr Gate to Fleetwood and you can get on and off the tram to explore the different locations. Each tram has a conductor that will let you know when to get on and off. Not all the Blackpool trams run the Fylde Coast, the Blackpool Heritage Trams offer lifts up and down the prom only, so be sure to ask before you board.

Waterloo Road is the main hub of South Shore, it is full of small markets, gifty style shops, bling, charity shops and cafes. There is also a quaintly historic haberdashery shop on Bond Street full of wool, cotton, hand knitted crafts etc, named Mrs Johhnsons Emporium. You will also find shops offering collectables from comics to action heroes in South Shore. This part of town really does need tourist interest so please support our local community where you can. 

Belleva is central to all main attractions set between the South and Central Piers accessible for The Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle Water Park (that also has an adult area with sauna, pool etc. Not to mention loads of bars and eating places on the prom South Shore.


It’s about a 25-minute stroll to North Shore from Belleva that takes you right down the prom. A pleasant and romantic walk in all weather due to the beach side having a wide walkway, ideal for cyclists and joggers. Lots of kiosks offering food and drink, not to mention heaps more pubs and restaurants where many hotels are also open for drinks on the prom with a sea view. The Central Pier has a gin bar, and the North Pier has a prosecco bar. All three piers have something niche to offer. The North Pier being very nostalgic and during high season has a piano player. There’s an arboretum full of deckchairs with an ornate steel and glass canopy. You sit there with a drink and its like travelling back in time. There’s food and drink kiosks on all the piers. But the North Pier is by far the most romantic … There's a fantastic cabaret style theatre on the Central Pier offering outstanding performances from worldwide performers. Whereas the South Pier is ideal for children, it has stalls and a mini funfair etc. You can also enjoy a bungy jump on South Pier, if you are feeling brave!

So there’s a bit about why we love Blackpool. Of course, you will arrive and explore and create your own findings. There is so much to do and always new venues opening.

Finally, please accept the seagulls they are a part of our community – cheeky little things. St Chads Road is a ‘mostly’ quiet street so please respect this. We are not too keen on drunken behaviour at Belleva. It spoils it for us and you just get a hangover and often regrets. You can enjoy yourself and be classy. Try to stay standing and get up the stairs please. 

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